Devdarshan Dhoop Agarbatti

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Company Profile

We at DEVDARSHAN believe “Quality is Highest Priority”. We have been manufacturing quality Dhoop, Agarbatti, Hawan Samagri, Dry Dhoop Cones, Chandan Dhoop Sticks & Sambrani Dhoop Cup Cones Since 1954. The very name is an evidence for our popularity among the masses. Being at the culmination, we have not only ruled out the markets nationwide but also abroad. We put forth every gesture just to serve the pious need of the masses to pray to the Almighty.

The enterprise is highly dedicated towards the quality maintaining process at various levels and separate division of very expert and experienced team, is fully involved to check and maintain the quality and standard at competitive price. Our wide variety of species of products suits to everyone's senses and pocket.


DEVDARSHAN is a highly professional company with different fields looked after by well-qualified and experienced persons
Chairman Sh. Bhanwar Lal Jain
Managing Director Sh. Pardeep Kumar Jain
Managing Director Mr. Atul Jain
Managing Director Mr. Jagrit Jain
Marketing Analyst Ms. Tushita Jain



Today DEVDARSHAN, with the help of its 150 strong team of marketing professionals, is a household name in the Dhoop, Agarbatti, Hawan Samagri, Chandan Dhoop Sticks, Dry Dhoop Cones & Allied Products not only in India but also in United States, Great Britain, Australia and Arab Countries. With a vast product portfolio covering over 100 Products (Dhoops, Agarbatties, Hawan Samgri, Chandan Dhoop Sticks, Dry Dhoop Cones & Allied Products) DEVDARSHAN is well equipped to cater to the growing market and face the market challenges head on. DEVDARSHAN is covering more than 15 States India. With a wide distributor network who covers the big cities & small areas.


With the basic values of quality and honesty DEVDARSHAN has entered the new era with the confidence of a learning, knowledge based and happy organization. We have established ourselves as the supplier of choice by delighting our customers with our services and our products. In the coming decade, we will become the most cost competitive and quality conscious Dhoop Plant and so serve the community and the nation.

We have maintained our quality standards from 64 years
due to which we have reached to this height as
India's No.1 Brand in Dhoop, Agarbathies, Dhoop Cones, Hawan Samagri, Chandan Dhoop Stick, Dry Dhoop Cones, Guggal Sambrani Cups, Dhoop Agarbathies Pouches & Allied Products